NH K-12 World Languages Curriculum Frameworks

National Standards for World Languages

World Languages

3 star rating = Extremely Useful,  2 star rating = Very Useful, one star rating = Somewhat Useful,  checkmark = Frameworks Connection

  1. Foreign Languages for Travelers (www.travlang.com/languages/)Foreign Languages for Travelers (www.travlang.com/languages/) Viewers select the language they speak and choose the language they wish to learn from among 74 languages. They will find basic words and other useful travel information. 3 star rating
  2. Multicultural Calendar (www.kidlink.org/KIDPROJ/MCC/) The multi-cultural calendar from KIDLINK provides viewers with a searchable database of holidays celebrated around the world. The entries contain many local customs, recipes, and historical background. Information on connecting the calendar with curriculum is also provided. 3 star rating checkmark
  3. McREL Foreign Language Resources (www.mcrel.org/resources/links/foreign/foreign.asp) This site contains an extensive collection of links to foreign language resources. 3 star rating checkmark
  4. Ideas for Spanish Teaching (www.spanishus.com/ideas_for_spanish_teaching.htm) This page from SpanishUS.com contains lesson ideas and activities for Spanish. Other resources for Spanish language, culture and people are also included.2 star rating
  5. Ethnologue: Languages of the World (www.sil.org/ethnologue/ethnologue.html) An excellent resource for those interested in cross-cultural communication. 3 star rating
  6. Foreign Language Resources on the Web (www.itp.berkeley.edu/~thorne/HumanResources.html) A collection of useful world language links are located on this site. 3 star rating
  7. The Tower of English (towerofenglish.com/) Many useful ESL links. 2 star rating
  8. Interesting Things for ESL Students (www.manythings.org/) This site contains word games, puzzles, proverbs, quizzes, and many other activities and resources for ESL students. 3 star rating
  9. Learn English (www.1-language.com) This ESL Site includes forums, 
    realtime chat, grammar, writing, interactive quizzes and games, flashcards, 
    audio materials, help lines, and multi-lingual content.  3 star rating