1. The Gateway to Educational Materials (www.thegateway.org)Search or browse this site for educational resources, lesson plans, activities, and projects.
  2. Education World (www.education-world.com/preservice) This comprehensive collection of educator resources has a section especially for pre-service educators. The site is searchable and contains lesson plans, subject centers, links to state and national standards, teaching ideas, articles, and more.
  3. Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators (discoveryschool.com/schrockguide/) This well-maintained site categorizes a list of web resources for curriculum connections and professional development. The site is updated daily and "content rich" sites receive special recognition.
  4. Mrs. Mitchell's Virtual School (www.kathimitchell.com/index.html) This site contains lots of great links and resources that teachers will be able to connect to the classroom curriculum.
  5. Wentworth Educational Web (www.classroom.net) This site contains a wealth of information with curriculum links maintained by the publishers of the Classroom Connect Newsletter. Subscriptions are available for web based curriculum products and programs.
  6. Teacher Tap (eduscapes.com/tap/) This is a professional development resource for educators with online resources and activities promoting technology integration. The site offers useful information on intellectual property (citations, copyright, and plagiarism).
  7. Sites For Teachers (www.sitesforteachers.com/) This site offers a broad collection of links to resources for teachers.
  8. The Responsive Classroom (www.responsiveclassroom.org) The Northeast Foundation for Children offers many excellent resources promoting the belief that a social curriculum is as important as an academic curriculum in creating caring classrooms and responsible individuals.
  9. KidsHub (kidshub.org/kids/kids.cfm) Online interactive learning center with educational games, puzzles, and quizzes. Also included are links to High School Hub, Middle School Hub, and Teachers Hub.
  10. Collaborative to Advance Social and Emotional Learning (CAESL) (www.casel.org/) This site contains many useful resources in the field of social and emotional learning.
  11. ASCD Home Page (www.ascd.org) Useful professional resources, publications, CD's, etc.
  12. New Hampshire Educators Online (www.nheon.org/) This is a wonderful resource for educators. It contains a Framework Matrix for the New Hampshire Curriculum Frameworks and links to "Best Schools" work being done throughout New Hampshire.
  13. BBC Schools Online (www.bbc.co.uk/education/schools/) Many useful learning resources.
  14. Beginning Teachers Toolbox (www.inspiringteachers.com ) This site contains a survival kit for new teachers, tips, classroom resources, and message boards.
  15. Service Learning (csf.colorado.edu/sl/) This site contains a guide and library for service learning.
  16. Educational Services (edservices.aea7.k12.ia.us/index.html) The curriculum development area of this site contains teaching strategies, thinking skills, and lesson plans.
  17. You Can Handle Them All (www.disciplinehelp.com) This valuable resource provides discipline help for all kinds of problems.
  18. National Institute for Community Innovation (www.nici-mc2.org/) This site focuses on educational innovation in communities. It contains excellent library resources, technology resources, K-12 school resources, business resources, equity resources, and more.
  19. The Lesson Plans Page (www.lessonplanspage.com) Many lessons (primarily at the elementary level) organized by subject and by grade level can be found at this site.
  20. North Carolina's Resource for Teachers (www.teachers-connect.net) Many resources organized by grade level and subject, which are aligned with the North Carolina Curriculum Matrix can be found at this site.
  21. Ask ERIC Virtual Library (ericir.syr.edu) This National Information System contains a virtual library, lesson plans, and the searchable ERIC database.
  22. Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science Education (www.enc.org/index.htm) This site contains a multitude of excellent resources for math and science.
  23. Scholastic Central (www.scholastic.com) Variety of resources pertaining to education.
  24. Ed's Oasis (www.classroom.com/edsoasis/) This site contains many teacher resources, including lesson plans, curriculum resources, technology planning resources, a library media center, and more.
  25. Teachnet.com (teachnet.com) Lesson ideas, teaching tools, and tips can be found at this site.
  26. The Educator's Toolkit (www.eagle.ca/~matink/) This site features a Teacher Resources area and a Libraries area.
  27. EduHound (www.eduhound.com) This comprehensive collection of educator resources includes Internet tutorials, publications, software demos and downloads, Hispanic education resources, professional organizations, subject area resources, standards, and assessments. You can also make your own free educational web page, or sign up for the free newsletter.
  28. Busy Teacher's Website (www.ceismc.gatech.edu/busyt/) This collection of links is organized by subject.
  29. Blue Web'n Learning Sites (www.kn.pacbell.com/wired/bluewebn/) A searchable collection of learning sites on the web: tutorials, activities, lesson plans organized by curriculum area.
  30. The WebQuest Page (edweb.sdsu.edu/webquest/webquest.html) WebQuest is a model for teaching with the web. This site is an excellent resource for using the model in developing inquiry-oriented activities. Many links to WebQuest projects are also available.
  31. The Knowledge Loom (knowledgeloom.org/index.shtml) A searchable database of "best practice resources". Investigate the Spotlight on Early Literacy to get a flavor for the site.
  32. The New York Times Learning Network (www.nytimes.com/learning/index.html) This site contains many excellent resources, including these features: a Lesson Plan Archive, News Summaries, and On This Day in History.
  33. Columbia Education Center Lesson Plans (www.col-ed.org/cur/) Lessons created by teachers, as well as a large collection of links to resources and activities on the Internet may be found on this site.
  34. ITSCO's WebQuest Class (www.itsco.org/webquest/gallery.html) This site provides a collection of links to many new WebQuests. Other useful resources to enhance learning may be found on the ITSCO home page.
  35. Teach-nology (www.teach-nology.com/) This web portal for educators contains many useful resources including tutorials, lesson plans, downloads, and links to other valuable information relative to current practices in education.
  36. Teach with Movies (www.teachwithmovies.org/) Learning guides to recommended films, background information, discussion questions, and related internet links can be found on this site.
  37. Ozline.com (www.ozline.com/) This site contains links and activities for integrating the internet with the curriculum. It includes tours, tutorials, and WebQuests.
  38. Learning Strategies Database (www.muskingum.edu/~cal/database) Learning style assessment and learning strategies instruction are just a few of the features of this site developed for students, teachers, tutors, advisors and counselors.
  39. Teaching Ideas for Primary Teachers (www.teachingideas.co.uk/) This site contains ideas and activities organized by subject. Also included is a book corner and links to other educational resources.
  40. Microsoft Classroom Teacher Network (www.microsoft.com/education/mctn/) Microsoft offers many instructional resources on this web site, including Lesson Plans, Online Tutorials, downloadable Tutorial Packs, the Encarta Homepage, and much more. Tutorials show teachers how to use Microsoft applications in the classroom. Tutorial presentations are suitable for an instructor leading a class or for self-paced learning.
  41. Marcopolo (marcopolo.worldcom.com/) This site includes standards-based content and many online resources including lesson plans, activities, and materials.
  42. California Learning Resource Network (clrn.org/home/) A comprehensive searchable site of excellent learning resources supporting frameworks and standards.
  43. Learning Curve This site contains some very useful resources both for primary and secondary grades with lessons and activities exploring primary sources. Especially interesting is the section on 20th Century Heroes and Villains (learningcurve.pro.gov.uk/) The primary documents are fascinating!
  44. Quia (www.quia.com/) Explore or create your own learning activities and games on this site.
  45. Center for the Advancement of Learning: Learning Strategies Database (muskingum.edu/~cal/database/database.html) Information and resources for linking learning styles to learning strategies.
  46. Field Trip Site (www.field-guides.com/) This site contains a collection of virtual fieldtrips. Take a trip to the desert, ocean rainforest. Trips are aligned with standards.
  47. EdHelper (www.edhelper.com/) This site contains many resources, including lesson plans, WebQuests, critical thinking puzzles, worksheets, etc.
  48. Fourth and Fifth Grade Research Resources (www.learning.caliberinc.com/index.html) An excellent collection of teacher selected resources for all curriculum areas.

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