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Social Studies Resources

3 star rating = Extremely Useful,  2 star rating = Very Useful, one star rating = Somewhat Useful,  checkmark = Frameworks Connection

  1. The Digital Classroom (National Archives) ( The Digital Classroom is a wonderful site for primary sources with activities for educators and students. There are reproducible documents from the archives. The activities are keyed to standards for history, civics, and government with many cross-curricular connections to language arts. The site contains the rough draft of Franklin Roosevelt's "Date of Infamy" speech. 3 star rating checkmark
  2. History Matters ( This site focuses on American Social History. It contains links to excellent web resources.  3 star rating checkmark
  3. Exploring Amistad at Mystic Seaport ( This interesting site explores the Amistad Revolt. It contains a library with primary documents and a teaching section with curriculum connections. 3 star rating checkmark
  4. National Center for History in the Schools ( This site contains lesson plans with objectives matched to history standards, as well as reproducible primary sources.  3 star rating checkmark
  5. McREL History Resources ( Excellent resource links for U.S. History, General History, and World History can be found on this site. Tip: Search History 3 star rating   checkmark
  6. Cybrary of Holocaust ( This excellent site on the Holocaust contains many teaching resources. It has eyewitness accounts, images, and an education forum where teachers can exchange lesson plans and share ideas. 3 star rating checkmark
  7. Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust ( This comprehensive site contains many useful teacher resources, student activities, photographs, plus a music and art section. Many primary source materials are included as well. 3 star rating checkmark
  8. Immigration: Stories of Yesterday and Today ( This site contains excellent resource material on the topic of immigration, including lesson plans, primary sources (such as audio excerpts of immigrants describing their experiences), rubrics, cross-curricular connections, and web links. It contains material suitable for many grade levels.  3 star rating checkmark
  9. Mrs. Mitchell's Virtual School ( This site contains lots of great links and resources that teachers will be able to connect to the classroom curriculum. 3 star ratingcheckmark
  10. The Scriptorium  ( Wonderful primary sources in digitized collections from Duke University archives, including presidential campaign memorabilia, documents from the women's liberation movement, and American Sheet Music can be found on this site.  2 star rating
  11. The European Voyages of Exploration ( Explore the origins of globalization during the 15th and 16th centuries through tutorials on this site. 2 star rating
  12. Documenting the American South ( Many primary sources on Southern history and culture from a Southern perspective are located here. The site includes many first person narratives, as well as a library of Southern literature. 2 star rating
  13. Economic Resources for K-12 Teachers ( This web resource includes lessons, teaching materials, and links to other K-12 Economics sites. 3 star rating checkmark
  14. Social Studies Learning Goals for Economics ( Goals for K-6 can be found on this site. one star rating checkmark
  15. Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition ( Many useful resources are provided on this site, such as a guide, archive, activities, worksheets, and how to find a sponsor to help pay for subscriptions.3 star rating
  16. National ( Online activities, lessons, maps, and many other useful resources for educators can be found on this excellent web resource. 3 star rating checkmark
  17. Atlapedia ( This is a very useful geography resource.
  18. Middle Ages ( This is a wonderful site with many resources on life in the Middle Ages. 3star.gif check.gig
  19. American Memory ( The "Learning Page" section of this site features lesson ideas and activities, which integrate primary sources. The lessons are organized by topic and grade level with objectives, and connect to the standards. Many lessons include rubrics and self-evaluation materials as well. 3 star rating checkmark
  20. Castles on the Web ( This site contains a multitude of castle resources, including some fantastic photographs. 2 star rating
  21. Social Studies Online ( A nice collection of links to content rich resources. 3 star ratingcheckmark
  22. AskAsia ( A wonderful resource site for K-12 Asian studies, including lesson plans, maps, timelines, and articles. Many cross-curricular connections are offered.  3 star rating checkmark
  23. Famous Trials ( This is a wonderful site. Many useful primary sources are included for famous trials such as the Scopes "Monkey" trial, Leopold and Loeb, Rosenbergs, Salem Witchcraft Trials, and many others. 3 star rating checkmark
  24. Encyclopedia of British History 1700-1950 ( This excellent resource contains narrative, illustrations and primary sources.  3 star rating checkmark
  25. Creative Impulse -- World History and Western Civilization  ( This is an excellent rated directory of history resources. The site is maintained by a high school teacher. 3 star rating checkmark
  26. Martin Luther King Web: A Teacher's Guide  ( A nice directory of web resources, including links to photos, speeches, lesson plans, and other materials can be found on this site. 3 star rating checkmark
  27. New Deal Network ( This is a nice teaching resource for the study of the New Deal. The site includes historic documents, speeches, cartoons, public works, and art projects from the Depression period. 3 star rating checkmark
  28. Odyssey Online ( Many resources for students and teachers can be found on this site, which explores ancient cultures of the Near East, Egypt, Greece, Rome. 3 star rating checkmark
  29. Teaching and Learning About Japan ( This is a fabulous site with resources and information on Japanese culture. 3 star rating checkmark
  30. ( This site contains a searchable directory for all of the United States Government sites. 3 star rating
  31. Copernicus Election Watch ( Election issues, lesson plans, public opinion polls are explored on this site from The Copernicus Education Gateway ( 3 star rating
  32. The New York Times Learning Network ( This site contains many excellent resources, including these features: a Lesson Plan Archive, News Summaries, and On This Day in History . 3 star rating checkmark
  33. FDR Cartoon Archive ( This site contains a collection of political cartoons from the F.D.R. era.3 star ratingcheckmark
  34. Ad* Access Project ( This project is located on Duke's Scriptorium and contains images and a database for advertisements printed in the United States and Canada between 1911-1955.3 star rating
  35. The Learning Page ( This site from the American Memory Web Site assists educators in teaching about American history and culture. It contains lessons, activities, and frameworks for use with the thematic collections of historical items. The items include photographs, documents, and recordings. 3 star rating checkmark
  36. History and Social Studies for K-12 Teachers ( This site contains a collection of useful resource links. 3 star rating
  37. The Titanic in the Classroom ( Resources are provided for students to conduct research and explore information surrounding The Titanic. The students use databases to confront some of the issues. 3 star rating checkmark
  38. Mr. Donn's Ancient History ( Units and lesson plans for Ancient History are included on this site. This site contains many wonderful content-rich resources.  3 star rating checkmark
  39. WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources ( This well maintained site contains a nice collection of carefully selected and annotated links in international affairs categories.  3 star rating
  40. Learning Curve  This site contains some very useful resources both for primary and secondary grades with lessons and activities exploring primary sources. Especially interesting is the section on 20th Century Heroes and Villains ( The primary documents are fascinating!  3 star ratingcheckmark
  41. American Family Immigration History Center ( This is an amazing archive which tells the stories about passengers who came to America through Ellis Island and the Port of New York. Explore the immigrant experience or research passenger records for your own family information.  3 star ratingcheckmark
  42. Arctic Studies Center ( Explore the Viking Age by examining artifacts and wandering through the exhibits on this useful site. The site explores the arctic peoples, cultures and environments.  3 star rating
  43. Marcopolo ( This site includes standards-based content and many online resources including lesson plans, activities, and materials.  3 star ratingcheckmark    
  44. The Tolerance Project ( This site contains lessons and resources for language, stereotypes, violence and conflict resolution, gay and lesbian issues, racism, sexism, non-traditional families, and human rights.  3 star rating checkmark  
  45. Educators for Social Responsibility ( Resources for teaching social responsibility are located on this site. 2 star rating
  46. America Responds ( This is a comprehensive site of resources for educators regarding the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, D.C. It is continually updated.  3 star rating
  47. Primary Source Documents ( A collection of historical documents relevant to American politics and culture. 2 star rating
  48. Teaching with Historic Places ( Lesson plans and activities to enhance teaching geography, history, and other subjects.  3 star ratingcheckmark
  49. The Great Debate and Beyond ( A collection of curriculum resources about the history of televised presidential debates. The site includes actual transcripts, video, photos, headlines, and commentary that is framed in an historical context  3 star ratingcheckmark
  50. Don't Buy It ( Resources and activities designed to promote media and consumer awareness. 2 star rating
  51. Portals to the World ( A collection of links arranged by country that  provide in depth information about the many nations and areas of the world.  3 star rating
  52. 911 as History ( Curricula, resources and tips to aid in the reflection and response to the anniversary of 911. Lesson plans are aligned with standards  3 star ratingcheckmark
  53. The National Archives: Learning Curve Exhibitions ( Various gallery exhibitions that include interactive tasks and primary material to promote the investigation of topics in the History National Curriculum .  3 star rating checkmark
  54. Core Documents of History ( Online access to key government documents and historical publications 3 star ratingcheckmark
  55. Digital History  (- - fabulous primary sources!! A well organized and comprehensive site packed with excellent resources for American History.  3 star ratingcheckmark
  56. The Living Room Candidate ( video clips of presidential campaign commercials and more -- an in depth look at television as a campaign tool.  3 star ratingcheckmark



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