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How to use this site:

There are a number of ways to find your way around the NEC EdLinks site. On the left side of the browser window is a blue menu sidebar containing hyperlinks to the various sections of the EdLinks site. Or, you may prefer to use the Table of Contents. Hyperlinks can easily be recognized on this site because they appear in blue text and are underlined. Placing the mouse cursor over the hypertext and clicking will take you to another location. If the hypertext link is pointed to a page located on a site maintained by someone other than NEC EdLinks, the browser will open that page in a new window. In this case, when you wish to return to the NEC EdLinks site, simply close the new browser window. The EdLinks site will then be in view. Navigation Strip is offered near the bottom of each page on this site. 

If you are unfamiliar with using the Internet, you may wish to take a look at an Internet tutorial:

If you do not find the information you are seeking by using the menu sidebar or the Table of Contents, you might try the Search for Resources section to search this site or to search the WWW using a search engine. Review the "How to find information" section.

If you are primarily interested in finding information about standards or frameworks, check out the Frameworks and Standards section. This area contains links to organizations specializing in standards or to the frameworks of various states. 

The Curriculum Resources section contains links to the various subject areas. Each subject area resource page contains links to national standards and/or NH Curriculum Frameworks for that particular area. Each resource listed has been rated and reviewed to reflect usefulness to teachers in meeting content area objectives, and/or connections to the frameworks or standards using the following rating scale:

3 star rating = Extremely Useful,  2 star rating = Very Useful, one star rating = Somewhat Useful,  check mark = Frameworks Connection

 It was our intention to list useful sites supporting the standards and frameworks. Some sites make very obvious connections to the standards and indicate the connections clearly on their site. However, do not assume that resources not receiving a check mark do not support the standards or frameworks. The best way to know that is to review the frameworks at the top of the pages as you browse the sites in the list. Likewise, the 3 stars rating scale is not meant to be definitive or exclusive. Please help us by suggesting new sites and participating in the rating of any sites. On every page there is a yellow button bar near the bottom, where you can provide feedback.

The Teaching Resources section contains more generalized resources for educators. These sites may offer tools and tips for classroom management, teaching strategies, professional development information, as well as curriculum resources. Resources to locate Grants and other methods of funding are also provided.

Publications and Journals is an area where links to a variety of educational publications are located. Many magazines of interest to educators publish online versions and maintain archives. The Vendors section contains  lists of publishers of educational books, materials, and software. In the Educational Software section, viewers will find a list of software applications useful in meeting standards. Each software application listed is linked to its publisher. Also available are links to Software Distributors and Software Reviews.

The Search and Research section contains links to a number of search engines, directories and indexes, and includes information about helpful search strategies.


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