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Science Resources

3 star rating = Extremely Useful,  2 star rating = Very Useful, one star rating = Somewhat Useful,  checkmark = Frameworks Connection

  1. Eisenhower National Clearinghouse ( This is a site containing a great collection of science resources. The site is searchable with a "Resource Finder." Search by topic, grade level, cost (find web resources by putting the cost to "0"). 3 star ratingcheckmark
  2. McREL Science Resources ( This site contains a comprehensive collection of excellent science resources aligned with standards and frameworks.3 star ratingcheckmark
  3. Bill Nye the Science Guy ( Check out the "Teacher's Lounge" section for useful resources.3 star rating
  4. The Franklin Institute Science Museum ( This site contains many useful resources including a "Science Activities" section, which is divided by topic and grade level. Also noteworthy is the "Educational Hotlist".3 star rating
  5. Hands-on Science Centers Worldwide ( Many links to museums interested in interactive science education can be found here, including useful resources supporting science curriculum and standards.3 star ratingcheckmark
  6. Classrooms of the 21st Century ( This site is a teaching and learning forum for science education. Check out An Introduction to Science Portfolios.2 star rating
  7. Frank Potter's Science Gems ( This is a great collection of science and math resources, and it includes lesson plans which are aligned with the California Science standards.3 star ratingcheckmark
  8. ESP Unit Resources ( This site contains many useful resources that coordinate with the Elementary Science Program, which is a hands-on interdisciplinary curriculum for science used in New York State. 3 star rating
  9. Exploratorium Learning Studio ( The Exploratorium contains many learning resources and activities. Check out "frogs" for an example.3 star rating
  10. Schrock Guide Science and Technology Resources ( This is a nice collection of useful resource links.3 star rating
  11. Mrs. Mitchell's Virtual School ( This site contains lots of great links and resources that teachers will be able to connect to the classroom curriculum. 3 star ratingcheckmark
  12. Ask ERIC Science Lesson Plans ( This site contains lesson plans for the science curriculum and a searchable database.3 star rating
  13. Busy Teacher's Web Site -- Science ( A collection of links to many useful science resources and lesson plans can be found on this site.3 star rating
  14. CIESE Collaborative Project Sites ( Many resources and links to collaborative projects for all subjects and age groups. 3 star rating
  15. Animal Diversity Web ( This contains a searcable encyclopedia of animal natural history. Photographs of scientific specimens are included. The database design promotes inquiry-based learning. 3 star rating
  16. Secrets of the Ocean Realm ( Classroom activities about oceanography and many other fine resources are located on this site. 3 star ratingcheckmark
  17. The Environmental Site ( This site contains a number of environmental resources including online tutorials, glossaries, fact sheets, online publications, and much more. 3 star rating
  18. National Geographic's Wild World ( This site provides information and resources on some of the world's rarest and most endangered areas.3 star rating
  19. Water on the Web ( This site provides opportunities for hands-on science explorations that are designed to promote understanding and solve real world environmental problems. Participants work with state of the art technologies accessible through the web. 3 star rating checkmark
  20. The Lemelson Center ( This site provides information and resources about invention and innovation, and is designed to encourage creativity. Whole Cloth: Discovering Science and Technology Through American History is just one example of the fine resources available on this site.3 star rating checkmark
  21. Sky View Cafe ( This site provides a Java applet that enables the viewer to see astronomical information. You can see what stars and planets will be above your location. 2 star rating
  22. Biomes and Ecosystems ( This is a useful classroom resource exploring rainforests, deserts, grasslands,wetlands, shorelines, oceans, and much more. 2 star ratingcheckmark
  23. Monarch ( This site explores how to raise monarch butterflies. It has wonderful photographs and is set out in a clear, straightforward manner.  3 star ratingcheckmark
  24. Monarch Watch ( This is a comprehensive site on the topic of monarch butterflies. It includes information about research, raising monarchs, photographs, and other useful curriculum materials.  3 star ratingcheckmark
  25. Journey North ( Information about wildlife migration is included on this excellent site sponsored by Anneenburg/CPB. Schools can log on to collect data and help track a number of migratory species each spring.  3 star ratingcheckmark
  26. Drought Monitor ( A collection of resources and indices to detect and measure droughts.2 star rating
  27. Water Science for Schools ( A collection of information, resources and activities on the many aspects of water.  3 star rating
  28. BIODIDAC Digital Biology Resources ( A bank of digital images, video, and animations for the teaching of biology.  3 star rating
  29. Beginnner's Guide to Aeronautics ( Resources, information, and activities to engage beginners in the study of aerodynamics from kites to rockets.  3 star rating
  30. Zona Land ( Math and physics resources. 2 star rating
  31. The Globe Program ( Hands on science education program that utilizes collaboration and worldwide network resources to investigate and collect data. participation requires teachers to join Globe and attend a workshop. 3 star ratingcheckmark
  32. NIH Curriculum Supplement Series ( K-12 interactive teaching units utilizing scientific research discoveries with excellent instructional materials.  3 star rating checkmark
  33. Dan's Wild Wild Weather Page ( a nice collection of weather information and resources. 3 star rating
  34. The Physics Classroom  ( online physics tutorial with multimedia resources.  3 star rating checkmark
  35. Playing with Time (  this fascinating site explores how the world changes over time. Visit the Gallery to see time sped up and slowed down. Interesting activities invite participation.  3 star rating



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