National Physical Education and Health Standards


Physical Education, Health, and Fitness Resources

3 star rating = Extremely Useful,  2 star rating = Very Useful, one star rating = Somewhat Useful,  checkmark = Frameworks Connection

  1. PE Central  ( This is a good site for lesson ideas, assessment suggestions, and many other useful resources regarding developmentally appropriate physical education programs for students.3star.gifcheck.gif
  2. PE Links4u  ( A comprehensive collection of excellent resources and links can be found at this site, including online unit plans, and Adaptive PE resources.3 star ratingcheckmark
  3. Sports Media PE Resources  ( This site contains lesson plans, coaching and training resources, links to physical education associations, and a collection of useful PE web resources. 3 star rating
  4. American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance  ( This is a site containing professional resources, news, information, and publications.2 star rating
  5. National Association for Sport and Physical Education ( Professional resources, programs and events pertaining to sport and physical education can be found at this site. 2 star rating
  6. The Science of Hockey  ( This site is a Sports Science feature from the Exploratorium.3 star rating
  7. McCREL Physical Education Resources  ( A collection of web resources selected with standards in mind can be found at this site. 3 star ratingcheckmark
  8. Physical Education 8-10  ( This site by the British of Columbia Ministry of Education contains learning outcomes, learning resources, instructional, and assessment strategies.3 star ratingcheckmark
  9. California Physical Education Resources ( Information and resources for K-12 Physical Educators can be found at this site, including information on standards and frameworks, sample lesson plans, and assessments .3 star rating checkmark
  10. Coaching Science Abstracts ( This site contains research articles for coaches and others interested in sports science. 2 star rating
  11. We Teach Sports  (  This site contains coaching resources for effective communication, event organization, equipment and motivational tools. Sections on "Skills Builders" for football, basketball, baseball are also offered. 3 star rating
  12. Physical Education Lesson Plans ( A collection of Physical Education lessons, many with curriculum and standards connections.  3 star ratingcheckmark  



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