National Standards for Mathematics

NH K-12 Mathematics Curriculum Frameworks:

Mathematics Resources

3 star rating = Extremely Useful,  2 star rating = Very Useful, one star rating = Somewhat Useful,  checkmark = Frameworks Connection

  1. McREL Mathematics Resources  ( This site contains an excellent collection of resource links supporting standards. 3 star rating checkmark
  2. SCORE Mathematics ( This useful site from California contains resources and lessons keyed to standards.3 star rating checkmark
  3. Illuminations ( This site contains excellent internet resources for improving the teaching and learning of mathematics. The lessons and resources are based on the NCTM Principles and Standards for School Mathematics. 3 star rating checkmark
  4. The Math Forum ( The Math Forum website features discussion groups, math resources by subject, innovations, web units, and lessons.3 star rating
  5. Ask Dr. Math  ( Here's the place to find answers to your math questions. 300 volunteer Math Doctors are "on call" to answer your questions.3 star rating
  6. Math Cats ( Many open-ended explorations of math concepts are provided on this site, including tessellations, math games, number stories, and an Idea Bank of math activities and resources. 3 star ratingcheckmark
  7. Untangling the Mathematics of Knots ( Study knots to make profound mathematical connections. This interesting site contains a variety of activities.3 star rating checkmark
  8. The Mathematics of Cartography ( Many math and map resources can be found on this site containing lesson details aligned with standards.
  9. Patterns in Mathematics ( Visit the lab on this site to explore logic patterns, number patterns, and word patterns.3 star rating checkmark
  10. Fun Mathematics Lessons ( Engaging ideas and lessons for mathematics are contained on this site.3 star rating
  11. CEC Lesson Plans ( Lessons created by teachers are categorized by grade level.  2 star rating
  12. Calculus Graphics ( Fantastic graphical demonstrations for calculus are available at this site.3 star rating 
  13. Ask ERIC  Mathematic Lesson Plans ( Links to many useful lesson plans for math categorized by topic are available on this searchable site.3 star rating
  14. Cornell Math and Science Gateway ( The Gateway contains links to excellent resources in math and science.3 star rating
  15. Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Math and Science Education ( This excellent site contains an abundance of math and science resources aligned with standards. 3 star rating checkmark
  16. Eric Weisstein's World of mathematics ( This comprehensive site is indexed by subject and contains many useful resources.3 star rating
  17. GEMS ( Many excellent math units aligned with National Standards can be found on this site at Berkeley.3 star rating checkmark 
  18. ( This site contains lesson plans, resources, standards, and "free stuff." Students may find the Math Library and Homework Help sections useful. 3 star ratingcheckmark
  19. Mathematics Archives K-12  ( A collection of links to lesson plans and math activities are contained on this site. 3 star rating
  20. Project SkyMath ( This web resource contains 16 classroom activities and the SkyMath module to present mathematics in context. It is designed for a middle school mathematics curriculum and is keyed to National Science Education Standards. 3 star ratingcheckmark
  21. Totally Tessellated ( This ThinkQuest site was created by students and educators to introduce tessellations and the underlying mathematical concepts. 3 star rating
  22. The Fractal Microscope ( Explore fractal geometry on this site which mixes art with mathematics. 3 star rating
  23. The Abacus ( Everything you always wanted to know about the abacus can be found on this fascinating web resource.3 star rating
  24. The Study Hall Math Page ( Study Hall Math contains a collection of useful math oriented resources. 3 star rating
  25. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives ( A virtual learning environment designed to help students visualize mathematical relationships and applications. 3 star ratingcheckmark
  26. NRICH Mathematics Enrichment Club ( This is an online maths club. It includes articles, games, problems, and other resources emphasizing mathematical activity. 2 star rating checkmark





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