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English Language Arts Resources

3 star rating = Extremely Useful,  2 star rating = Very Useful, one star rating = Somewhat Useful,  checkmark = Frameworks Connection

  1. CyberGuides  (  CyberGuides are supplemental units on various works of literature. They are standards-based and include teacher guides and student activities. 3 star rating

  2. The Digital Classroom  ( This is a wonderful site for primary sources with activities for educators and students. There are reproducible documents from the archives. The activities are keyed to standards for history, civics, and government with many cross curricular connections to language arts. The site contains the rough draft of Franklin Roosevelt's "Date of Infamy" speech. 3 star rating checkmark

  3. The Children's Literature Web Guide  ( This site includes many internet resources related to books and authors. 3 star rating

  4. English Teaching Strategies  ( A collection of wonderful language arts teaching strategies can be found here. Elsewhere on this site are other useful language arts resources as well. Try the "Especially for Teachers" .  These resources are also accessible from the  Department of Education, Tasmania  Discover web site and many other valuable resources are included.3 star rating checkmark 

  5. Book Talks: Quick and Simple  ( This site holds a database of "book talks" which can be used to introduce students to literature. Included is an interest level, reading level listing of books with  bibliographic information for each. 3 star rating

  6. Mrs. Mitchell's Virtual School ( This site contains lots of great links and resources that teachers will be able to connect to the classroom curriculum. 3 star ratingcheckmark

  7. Bookhive ( This site contains recommended book reviews in a variety of interest areas and reading levels. The site is searchable by author, title, reading level, interest area, number of pages, and even favorite illustrator. 2 star rating

  8. EDSITEment's Literature and Language Arts ( This searchable site includes an annotated listing of many useful websites of language arts resources. 3 star rating checkmark

  9. Aesop's Fables Online Collection  ( This site contains a huge collection of the fables along with Real Audio for some of them. The morals are listed and the site is indexed. 3 star rating checkmark

  10. Coal Creek Rebellion  ( This is an online hypertext novel. Individuals can download the book and print one copy. Interesting. 3 star rating checkmark

  11. Learn to Read at Starfall many excellent free reading resources  3 star ratingcheckmark

  12. Project Gutenberg ( Electronic publications of documents in the public domain -- kind of a "Napster" for the printed word without the copyright glitches. The site contains light  literature, heavy literature, and references. 2 star rating

  13. Educational Technology San Diego City Schools ( Great resource for technology curriculum connections. Check out the Language Arts Standards and Technology Connection for some good ideas.3 star ratingcheckmark

  14. The Children's Picture Book Database ( This site is a bibliography for designing literature-based units for instruction. It contains abstracts of over 4,000 pictures books and is an excellent multidisciplinary resource. 3 star rating

  15. Learning to Read ( This site contains a collection of literacy resources designed to improve the quality of reading instruction. Resources explore the reading process, teaching techniques, reading research, professional materials, and critical issues. 3 star rating checkmark

  16. The Reading Village ( This site for K-12 educators is a community for those interested in the teaching of reading. It contains resources for the latest research, standards, lesson plans, assessments, children's books in addition to a discussion forum. 3 star ratingcheckmark

  17. Web English Teacher ( This site contains a nice collection of online resources, activities, WebQuests, and lesson plans for English/Language Arts. 3 star rating

  18. Early Literacy: A Resource for Teachers ( This resource supports teachers of emerging literacy learners in creating positive literacy experiences.  3 star rating checkmark  

  19. Early Literacy ( Many early literacy resources are contained on this site, along with strategies, research, and classroom implications. Also included are many useful links to other literacy resources.  3 star rating checkmark

  20. Reading Buddies Website ( This site contains information, activities, and resources for the Reading Buddies literacy program for elementary students. 2 star rating  
  21. ISLMC: Children's Literature and Language Arts Resources ( Information on children's literature and language arts can be found on this site. The site includes sections on book reviews, activities, authors and illustrators, book awards, and links to other literature sites.  3 star rating checkmark
  22. Comic Books for Young Adults ( Explores comic books and graphic novels as a rich and diverse literary form.  3 star rating

  23. The Lexile Framework for Reading ( nice tools and resources for matching reader ability and text difficulty. 2 star rating checkmark

  24. BookPals Storyline ( recordings of actors and other public figures reading popular children's books.  3 star rating


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