Curriculum Frameworks and Standards

    One of the primary purposes of the NEC "EdLinks" site is to provide useful educational resources which support the New Hampshire K-12 Curriculum Frameworks. There are many excellent web resources connecting curriculum resources to standards both on a national and state level. A partial collection is listed below.  The states listed were selected based on their proximity to New Hampshire or the usefulness of their web site in linking standards to resources. Other state frameworks can be found by browsing various State Education Departments.

National and regional organizations and institutions interested in the development of goals and standards in education:

  1. Mid-Continent Regional Educational Laboratory   ( This site contains a Standards and Benchmarks Database for K-12 education that can be either browsed or searched. Also included are activities linked to Standards and Benchmarks. 
  2. ( This site makes it easy to access lesson plans based on state curriculum standards. 
  3. New Hampshire Educators Online ( This is a wonderful resource for educators. It contains a matrix for the New Hampshire Curriculum Frameworks, lessons, and other useful resources. 
  4. National Technology Standards   ( This excellent resource connects curriculum with technology. The site contains multidisciplinary units, curriculum integration lessons, as well as useful software information.
  5. USWired for Education  ( This wonderful education site has a collection of tools and resources for teachers, schools, and parents.
  6. Pathways to School Improvement  ( ) This useful site is maintained by the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory. A page on Goals and Standards is also offered.
  7. The Council of Chief State School Officers ( This site contains standards for school leaders.
  8. Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing ( An educational research site which has reports on the alignment of standards and testing.
  9. NCSS -- National Council for Social Studies
  10. NCTE -- National Council for Teachers of English
  11. NSTA -- National Science Teachers Association
  12. NCTM - National Council for Teachers of Math


Various State Curriculum Frameworks:

  1. New Hampshire Educators Online ( This is a wonderful resource for educators. It contains a Framework Matrix for the New Hampshire Curriculum Frameworks and links to "Best Schools" work being done throughout New Hampshire.
  2. NYLearns -- Search or browse the New York State Learning Standards -- Descriptions include hyper linked broad Standard statements, Key Ideas, and Performance Indicators 
  3. New York State Curriculum Resource Guides  (
  4. Vermont State Department of Education  (
  5. Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks  (
  6. Maine State Department of Education  (
  7. Connecticut Division of Teaching and Learning  (
  8. North Carolina Curriculum Matrix  ( Excellent site which links standards, grade level, curriculum areas and lesson plans.
  9. Georgia Learning Connections  ( This is an easily navigated site and searchable site. The Teacher Resource Center contains curriculum resources, teacher tools, lesson plans and much more. 

Teacher Certification Standards:

  1. NH Teacher Certification Standards ( This site contains credentialing information for New Hampshire teachers. Alternatives to certification are also listed. 



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