National Standards for Arts Education

NH Arts Curriculum Frameworks

Fine Arts

= Extremely Useful,  2 star rating = Very Useful, one star rating = Somewhat Useful,  check mark = Frameworks Connection

  1. Getty - Explore Art ( Many teaching and learning materials, including lesson plans and curriculum ideas, images, publications and web links. check mark
  2. Arts Edge ( Standards based curricula, lessons and activities with many crosscurricular connections. check mark
  3. K-12 Art Busy Teacher's Web Site  ( Materials, lesson plans and activities for busy teachers can be found on this site with a minimum of linking. 2 star rating
  4. EdSITEment Art and Culture Resources ( Many lesson plans for art aligned with standards including cross curricular connections can be found on this site. For example, check out "What Portraits Reveal" check mark
  5. The @rt Room ( Explore art through this site's Art Sparker activity centers. Also included is an Art Library, Art Gallery and Artifacts Center, which provide additional resources. check mark
  6. Exploring Leonardo ( This site is designed for students in grades 4-8. There are lesson plans for hands-on activities. Content sections include: Inventor's Workshop, Leonardo's Perspective, in addition to a biography and other useful information. check mark
  7. McREL Dance Resources ( A small collection of Dance resources. Tip: Search Dance 2 star rating check mark
  8. McREL Music Resources ( A standards based collection of music resources. Tip: Search Music check mark
  9. National Standards for Theater Education ( Includes standards divided by grade levels and unit lesson plans. The site also provides improvisation situations and games. check mark
  10. Art Kids Rule ( The site contains a search engine for activities plus tutorials for students and teachers. 
  11. AskERIC Music Lesson Plans ( A searchable database of lesson plans. 2 star rating check mark
  12. AskERIC Visual Arts Lesson Plans ( A searchable database of lesson plans. 2 star rating check mark
  13. Crayola Art Education Lessons ( Crayola offers resources for teachers including lesson plans. Search their directory by materials, curriculum or age/grade level. 2 star rating check mark
  14. Houghton-Mifflin's Education Place Lesson Plans ( ) Lessons in many curriculum areas, many which integrate the arts.  
  15. McREL Theater Resources ( A nice collection of theater resources. Tip: Search Theater2 star rating check mark
  16. Internet Resources for Music Teachers ( This site contains a large collection of links to K-12 music resources. 2 star rating
  17. Reader's Theater -- Scripts for Children's Plays ( A wonderful multicultural series is offered on this website. check mark
  18. The Greatest Films ( Useful information, references and resources on films.
  19. Seton Hall University Libraries  ( Nice collection of links.


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