Many of the following software titles are listed in Appendix D of the National Educational Technology Standards for Students: Connecting Curriculum and Technology text. The software applications listed below are cited in many of the activities and units outlined in this useful resource, much of which is published online at the National Technology Standards web site. However, how these resources are applied instructionally will determine their usefulness and the degree to which they are aligned with the curriculum standards. This list is only a representative sampling of available application software for educators, and is not meant to be all-inclusive.

David Jonassen in his book, Computers as Mindtools for Schools: Engaging Critical Thinking, promotes the idea of using computer applications as "cognitive tools" to involve learners in multiple modes of thinking. To use computer applications as mindtools, the learner is required to represent what he or she knows by thinking in meaningful ways in order to use the application to construct knowledge. Consequently, Jonassen maintains that the most effective ways to use computers are to use them to access information, and to interpret, organize, and represent personal knowledge. Many of the software applications listed below are useful in meeting this criteria.

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