Assessment Ideas

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  1. ( Many resources for assessment, evaluation, and research are located on this site. The ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation contains a huge database, and includes an online journal and library among its many other resources. 3 star rating
  2. Rubric Construction Set ( This site offers information for using and constructing rubrics. 3 star rating
  3. Rubric Generators ( This site enables users to generate rubrics by filling out a form which may then be printed out. 3 star rating
  4. The Staff Room Rubric Collection ( Links to a variety of rubrics are located on this site. They are organized by subject.2 star rating
  5. Chicago Public Schools Ideas and Rubrics ( This site contains many excellent resources for performance assessment, including a rubric bank.3 star rating
  6. Online Resources for Assessment ( Many useful assessment resources are included on this site which includes a lesson bank. The lessons are aligned with the Texas state standards. 3 star ratingcheckmark