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3 star rating = Extremely Useful,  2 star rating = Very Useful, one star rating = Somewhat Useful,  checkmark = Frameworks Connection

  1. National Educational Technology Standards Project ( This site is an excellent resource for connecting curriculum and technology. It contains curriculum integration lessons, standards for students and teachers, multidisciplinary units, and many other useful resources. 3 star rating checkmark
  2. Eisenhower National Clearing House Educational Technology ( This is an excellent site with many resources for using technology to enhance learning. 3 star rating checkmark
  3. ISTE - Learning and Leading with Technology ( Articles and resources for using technology in the classroom can be found on this excellent web resource.3 star rating checkmark
  4. Online Technology Tutorials ( Many useful tutorials  and practice modules from Internet4Classrooms for a variety of applications such as Inspiration, Microsoft Office, AppleWorks, Photoshop, KidPix, Dreamweaver, and many more. 3 star ratingcheckmark
  5. Techssentials (  lots of good resources for educational technology, from integrating it with the curriculum to troubleshooting problems.  3 star ratingcheckmark
  6. Learn the Net -- ( all the basics in an easy to use format with screen shots and instructional graphics 3 star rating
  7. Lesson Ideas: Computer and Internet ( A few useful resources can be found on this star rating
  8. Computer Skills Lesson Plans ( Computer skills lessons by grade level supporting the standards are available on North Carolina's Infoweb. This is an excellent resource.3 star rating checkmark
  9. Technology Lessons ( This is a  site containing a nice collection of lesson ideas organized by grade level and subject.3 star rating
  10. edUniverse Lesson Plans ( A fine collection of lesson plans integrating the use of computers with the curriculum is provided on this site.3 star rating checkmark
  11. Information Skills Curriculum ( This collection of lessons, activities, links, and resources for developing information skills is provided by the Librarians Information Online Network (LION). 3 star rating checkmark
  12. Schrock Guide: Computing and Technology ( A collection of useful computer and technology links may be found at this site.2 star rating
  13. Ten Tips to Integrate Technology ( This article offers tips to integrate the use of technology. Links to many excellent resources are also provided.3 star rating checkmark
  14. National Institute for Community Innovation ( This site focuses on educational innovation in communities. It contains excellent library resources, technology resources, K-12 school resources, business resources, equity resources, and more. 3 star rating
  15. Bob Bowman's Guide to Free Educational Technology ( This site contains many excellent resources: tutorials, links to downloadable software, and many other resources.3 star rating
  16. McREL Technology Lesson Plans and Activities ( A useful collection of technology links can be found on this site.3 star rating
  17. Educational Technology San Diego City Schools ( Great resource for technology curriculum connections. Check out the Language Arts Standards and Technology Connection for some good ideas.3 star ratingcheckmark
  18. Microsoft Classroom Teacher Network ( Microsoft offers many instructional resources on this web site, including Lesson Plans, Online Tutorials,  downloadable Tutorial Packs, the Encarta Homepage, and much more. Tutorials show teachers how to use Microsoft applications in the classroom. Tutorial presentations are suitable for an instructor leading a class or for self-paced learning. 3 star rating
  19. Computerwork Schoolware Curricular Plug-ins ( This site contains resources that are user-friendly and designed to easily plug in to the curriculum and align with standards.3 star ratingcheckmark
  20. Technology Tutorials for Teachers ( This site contains a nice collection of tutorials on a variety of topics for integrating technology with the curriculum.  2 star rating  
  21. TechSoup ( A collection of resources for non-profits, including information on hardware, software, product reviews, discounts, and technology planning. one star rating
  22. Keyboarding Resources ( A nice collection of keyboarding resources, including keyboard charts to print out. 2 star rating
  23. Web Teacher ( A nice collection of tutorials for using the web to enhance learning -- exploring, finding, and creating resources (images, audio, multimedia).  3 star rating
  24. Pics4Learning ( This site is an image library for teachers and students. Permission to use the images has been granted. The site also has a collection of lesson plans in a variety of content areas utilizing images.  3 star ratingcheckmark
  25. Ease Back into the School Year with Microsoft ( Tips, templates and tools to enhance educational productivity. 2 star rating
  26. Technology Resources for Teachers ( many links to useful technology resources for educators. 3 star rating
  27. Techssentials ( lots of good resources for educational technology, from integrating it with the curriculum to troubleshooting problems. 3 star ratingcheckmark



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