20 Exciting Ways To Engage Your Students About Outer Space

Locating The Milky Way

Did you know that there a billions of stars that are part of the Milky Way? You can use your hand and a compass to locate these starts, thus garnering the attention of your students.

Stars Moving Across The Galaxy

Have your students look up at the night sky and see the stars that seem to be moving around. When they come to school the next day, let them in on a little secret. It’s not the stars that are moving, it’s our planet.

Did You Know Our Sun Has Sibling?

Use this as an opportunity to show your students the power and beauty of other stars in our solar system. There might even be other planets like ours somewhere out there.

Even The Sun Has Weather

Use internet resources to show your students what the weather is like on the sun. It is quite different from what we experience on Earth, and truly eye opening.

space Affects Your Phone

One of the best ways to teach students about something they cannot feel or see right in front of them is to show them how it can affect their everyday life. Storms in space can break our phones, which is a fun fact most people do not realize.

One Small Step

The moon landing was a historic feat for mankind. Show your students films and documentaries about this fantastic day in history.

Moon Living

Make things interesting by having your children see what it would take to live on the moon. Maybe even create their own colonies and see which group would survive.


Teach your students all about supermoons and what role they play in our solar system and in the galaxy.

Build Your Own Solar System

A great way to keep your children busy while they learn is to have them create their own solar system out of arts and crafts.

Solar System and Its Atmosphere

Teach your students what the atmosphere is like in the solar system so they can get a better idea of what life in space is like.

Build A Space Station

Take a day in class to allow students to create their own space stations and work together to achieve greatness.

Space Songs

Songs are always a great way to get students to remember any information. They can memorize the order of the planets or the history of the moon landing with a catchy tune.

How The Earth Came To Be

Looking out, it can be easy to forget that the Earth is part of the solar system as well. Show your students how our planet came to be with a fun game.

Space Trivia

Everyone loves trivia, incorporate facts about space and our planet with a trivia game that can be used to boost confidence and grade levels.

Pluto the planet

Some days it’s a planet, other’s it’s just a rock. Have your students do the research to see if this is a planet or just a rock.

Gravity Experiments

Do fun experiments to show your students exactly what gravity is and what it does. One of the simplest and oldest is throwing an apple in the air, ala Sir Issac Newton.

DIY Space Suits

A fun activity is to allow your students to create their own space suits with materials that are around class.

Space Scavenger Hunt

Use the school or the school yard to create a scavenger hunt that simulates space for your students. They do not need to get in a rocket ship to learn about our solar system.

It All Started With A Big Bang

Use activities and images to show your students what the Big Bang was and how it started.

What’s A Black Hole Look Like

NASA has just taken images of the first black hole, use these as resources to show your students the sheer power of a black hole.

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