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Reading From A Young Age

You might have heard recently that there are a lot of programs encouraging that parents talk, read, and sing to their children in the first five years of life to help with learning growth. We are here to tell you that this is absolutely right and we can tell you exactly why this is going to change the course of your child’s life.


Technology Assisting Learning

When I was younger, a computer lab seemed like a luxury, but the world has evolved and computer literacy is common among almost every child. With that comes new issues, including media literacy and quality sources.As we start seeing more and more content populating the web, it is harder than ever to know what is real and what is fake.

Who We Are

EdLinks is a resource for pre-service teachers and other educators. It includes annotated links to educational web sites containing lesson plans, curriculum resource materials, teaching tools, assessment strategies, publications, publishers and vendors of educational materials, as well as state and national standards and frameworks.

Teaching can seem like an island because you are the only one at your authority level in the classroom on a daily basis. While you have your peers alongside you, you might feel that it is hard to give students the right resources that they need. With our site, we hope to expose you to some of the most useful information about innovative teaching techniques, so students are never bored learning from you again. So many teachers are going to the same old videos time and time again, but we can help show you new styles and techniques to keep students engaged.

How We Got Started

The website began over ten years ago, but it was not the form that it is today. We first began up in Maine as a newsletter that was sent monthly. Our email blasts grew and grew until we realized that we had a community of teaching professionals that could add to the resources too. We started sourcing content from subscribers to the newsletter and that is where our first internal blogs began.

Our goal is to continue providing you the best links to new resources out there, whether that is new technology to expose you to, how-tos making sure you do things right, new ideas for the classroom, and more. We take suggestions from everywhere, including our readers. First, we have a team of content curators that are constantly looking for new material. Second, we ask for suggestions for material. Third, we are sometimes building strategic partnerships with brands we trust to get useful content out there.

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